The CeMIEGeo Digital Collection main objective is to preserve and disseminate the scientific, technological and research literature that is developed in the Mexican Center for Innovation in Geothermal Energy, CeMIEGeo.

The CeMIEGeo Digital Collection is a platform for searching and consulting scientific, technological and innovation information. Provides preservation, management and electronic access services to academic, scientific, technological and innovation resources produced by academics, researchers, scientists, technologists, postgraduate students, and collaborators affiliated with CeMIEGeo.

Metadata and links to published versions of the products generated within the CeMIEGeo project will be available, including: articles, book chapters, book, memoirs and thesis, and literature related to geothermal resources in Mexico will be available.

The objectives of the CeMIEGeo Digital Collection are:

  • Increase the visibility of the scientific production of the CeMIEGeo Consortium.
  • Preserve and protect the information generated by CeMIEGeo.
  • Systematize and collect the bibliography used in the project.
  • To structure, classify, describe and standardize metadata associated with indexed documents.
  • Add value to scientific production through a controlled vocabulary, standardized citations, query statistics, addresses to published versions and preservation mechanisms.
  • Have established standards to be compatible with National and International repositories.

The Digital Collection CeMIEGeo is still under development, sorry for any inconveniences.

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Línea 2 - Desarrollo e innovación de técnicas de exploración [166]
Línea 3 - Desarrollos tecnológicos para explotación [32]
Línea 4 - Usos directos del calor geotérmico [29]
Productos de divulgación del CeMIE-Geo [8]
Productos de investigación del CeMIEGeo [281]
Recursos geotérmicos en México [1727]

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